HLA Services

Academic and Personal Interest

Academic Support

Topic comprehension, exam preparation, research and essay writing assistance. Contact us and we can help you with you elementary, secondary, and post-secondary history courses.

Advanced Placement (AP) Support.

Advanced Placement Courses can be very challenging! We can assist you with comprehension and exam preparation for World History, European History, and U.S. History.

Personal Interest Courses

Are you a “history buff”? Is there a topic you would like to learn more about – gender issues, revolutions, politics, pandemics, war, ideas, a particular country, a certain era? We design a course and explore your interests with you.

Before working with History Learning Academy, I had many troubles with assignments, failing to understand what my professor was referring to in lectures, and struggling with the homework assigned to us. After working with the academy, I was able to understand the key concepts put forth by my professor, and was able to increase my grade point average significantly!.

— Reuben