What Courses Do You Offer?

We offer Advanced Placement (AP) History Courses (World, U.S. Europe) and World History Courses for Elementary Students – Ages 8 to 12.  We can also design courses to prepare for and support your academic studies—for example, a 5 (or more) week course on Canadian History, 1914 to 2000

What other services do you offer AP students?

You do not have to take an AP course with us to enjoy our support. If you are enrolled in an AP course, we can help you with comprehension, study and test preparation.  

Can you help students with ongoing classes?

Yes, provide us with a copy of the curriculum, the reading assignments, and we will support you.  Together, we determine if you need help with topic comprehension, test preparation, research, essay writing – or a combination of these.

Do you write essays for students?

No. We help students with organization, editing, logic and argument, but we will not write essays for you. We believe learning to write effectively is an essential skill professionally and personally. 

How does a Personal Interest course work?

We discuss what you are interested in learning. Then we design a curriculum for you to review.  Once we settle on a course, we get started.  It is your course, so there is a lot of flexibility around duration and content. 

How often do you update your blog?

We write a minimum of two blogs per month.  We strive to offer quality writing while developing an increasingly diverse range of content. 

Are you familiar with the Ontario elementary and high schools curricula?

Yes.  We live in Ontario and have assisted students enrolled in these programs.