Academic Programs

History courses can be challenging.  After all, you are studying a different time and place, and some topics might be unfamiliar.  How much do you know about the Holy Roman Empire, Canadian women’s suffrage, or the impact of the Gutenberg printing press? 

We can help.

Course Comprehension Programs.

Most courses provide you with a syllabus, and we can help you understand the course readings (or those you are struggling with).  Together, we identify main arguments, themes and context.  The goal is to help you develop the confidence that comes with understanding a topic and articulate this understanding, along with your views and opinions. 

How does it work?  We identify the readings you want to understand, establish a schedule, and meet (usually on Zoom) and review the material together.  We can provide some guiding questions in advance to discuss topics you want to explore. 

Head Start Programs

Do you have history coming up in the Fall or perhaps next year?  Developing a general understanding of the topics in advance will help you enjoy the course more, alleviate some stress, and improve academic performance. 

How does it work?  We put together a reading list based on the topics you will be covering during upcoming courses.  Practice quizzes, exams, and essays are options we can include.